Weight Loss Coaching

What is Weight Loss Coaching?
Benefits of Weight Loss Coaching
Will I Succeed?

What is Weight Loss Coaching?

The paradigm of coaching is excellent for weight loss. Coaching is based on wellness and the belief that we are creative, resourceful and whole. We know ourselves and have our own answers. We just need a supportive, dedicated partner to facilitate our process of accessing your own wisdom. That’s the role I fulfill for my clients.

How do we work together?

We will be using powerful questions, visualizations, journaling, and various coaching techniques to peel back the layers, like an onion, to get to the core of what’s going on inside you. We may pull valuable information from the past but then move forward with it, not stay there. If one needs to stay in the past to process it longer before letting go of old ways, then a therapist is indicated. If you are in the greater Seattle area, referrals can be given. Coaching is goal oriented and moves forward with momentum.

Where does it take place?

The coaching process is often done over the telephone. It is convenient, intimate and effective. If you live in the greater Seattle area, we have the option of meeting face to face. You can come to my home office in the Magnolia neighborhood or I can come to your home.

How often do we meet?

The Coaching Format includes 12 sessions of coaching over a 3–6 month period. This way you can work through issues as they show themselves. We will meet 1-2 hours a week in the first 2 weeks, then an hour a week beyond that. After a few weeks, we can meet every second or even third week if you wish.

You will also receive:

  • Follows-ups and check-ins as jointly designed with you in-between coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mails as needed
  • Resources/materials specific to your needs
  • Highly specialized, personalized attention – this is not a one size fits all program

Ongoing services are available as jointly designed by you and me.

Who needs weight loss coaching?

If you are an emotional eater, you need more nourishment than a diet alone can provide.
Diets don’t work in the long run because they don’t solve what caused you to gain weight in the first place.

You are an emotional eater if you:

  • eat when you are not hungry
  • often eat beyond fullness
  • binge at night or when you are alone
  • feel out of control or compulsive about food
  • sneak eat
  • use food for love, comfort, stress relief, distraction, etc…
  • want to avoid feelings, escape, tune out with food
  • find that diets have not worked for you in the long run

You may also tend to be:

  • a perfectionist and all or nothing in your approach to dieting
  • a high achiever
  • hard on yourself
  • sensitive and perceptive, affected by the moods of others

If any of this describes you, coaching will do you good.


Benefits of Weight Loss Coaching

Along your Enlightened Weight Loss Journey, you will:

  • Learn a refreshing strategy of eating to ensure Mother Nature’s cooperation in losing fat.
  • Receive nutrition counseling for your specific needs.
  • Name what is at the very root of your hunger and how your weight is actually serving you.
  • Discover the limiting beliefs that are controlling your life and adopt new empowering beliefs by which to live and eat.
  • Learn how to handle difficult emotions and receive the wisdom of their message.
  • Discover new perspectives and ways of operating in this world.
  • Explore your heart’s desire and begin to create a richer life.
  • Eat purposefully and mindfully, with choice, satisfaction and pleasure; the way you want to live! *

You will also experience:

  • Aha! moments, breakthroughs and insights that move you forward
  • Natural laws that make the game of life easier and more joyful to play
  • Losing weight while enjoying eating like never before
  • Accessing the wise woman inside you and living in your personal power
  • Gracefully speaking your truth and being your pure authentic self
  • Compassion and acceptance for yourself and the joy that comes with getting to know yourself better
  • Confidence and comfort being in your own skin
  • Increase in energy, vitality, balance, inner peace and fulfillment *


Will I Succeed?

You will be wildly successful with coaching if you are:

  • willing to be curious and compassionate with yourself
  • courageous and ready to do the real work to heal from the root of the problem
  • committed to focusing on your personal growth
  • willing to release sugar and flour if you have a physiological addiction to these foods
  • free from clinical depression right now or on effective medication
  • willing to let go of old ways
  • hopeful and excited about moving forward
  • willing to see yourself differently and entertain new possibilities of what might be possible in your life

If you can answer with a sincere, “Yes!” to each of these questions, then you will experience tremendous results with coaching. * And, we will have a lot of fun together.

You might say, “I am frustrated and discouraged. How do I know that this time I will be successful in losing weight and keeping it off?” This is why it will be different this time:

Starting another diet is like building another house on the same old foundation that can not sustain it. Soon, the house begins to slide and needs to be torn down. Then you again build another one on the same foundation and the pattern repeats. The foundation continues to not get the attention or repairs it needs in order to support the house for good. During your enlightened weight loss journey, you will be changing your foundation! *

“Cultivate the root. The leaves and branches will take care of themselves.” – Confucious

Regarding looking inside yourself, you might think, “I can’t do it. It will be too painful. I can’t go there.”
Yes, you actually can! *

Things unfold and reveal themselves one at a time according to how ready you are for them. I will be holding your hand with an extraordinary level of support and encouragement. You will stay motivated and inspired. *

You will automatically want to eat well and exercise because it is congruent with who you have become. You will create a new foundation of perspectives and beliefs which allow you to arrive and thrive at your natural weight. And, when you reach your goal weight, you will already have the tools in place to stay there with ease and grace. *

It has been an honor for me to witness my clients’ journeys and see life-changing results over and over again. I look forward to witnessing your success, too.