Freedom from Emotional Eating Workshops

In this inspiring workshop, you will:

  • Reveal to yourself your deepest reasons for keeping yourself heavy and for turning to food.
  • Meet the part of you that does the eating and find out what it really wants.
  • Discover your core limiting beliefs that keep you in your food turmoil. Once these truths are touched, they begin to turn around and we will begin that process in the workshop as well.
  • Learn a refreshing new strategy to ensure your body’s support in losing fat without dieting
  • leave with hope, insights and antidotes to practice.*

Bring a sack lunch because we will practice eating together in a new liberating way. Come prepared to have a breakthrough. The workshop includes an additional one hour one-on-one telephone session within two weeks. This will give us the chance to celebrate wins and address challenges and the next most poignant issue.
    Shoreline Catalog Cover, Winter 2010


Please let me know if you’re interested in participating in an ongoing group based on the workshop, forming in fall, 2017.